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Default Re: Replacing receiver ,ideas ,suggestions appreciated

I'm currently looking to replace my receiver too. I think I have decided on the Onkyo TX-SR875 7.1, but I did look at the 805 too. Both of them have received excellent reviews. The only downsides I could find were they both way a ton and they both run pretty hot. J&R has the best prices on both that I found so far, the 875 for $1,299.99 and the 805 for $899.00. The only thing is they are temporarily out of stock on the 875 at this time and everywhere else is quite a bit more. Crutchfield has the 875 listed at $1,599.99 and Amazon has it for $1,539.98. Three hundred dollar difference is little too much for me, but I'm getting impatient.
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