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Arrow The CEA Nixes 1080p Video Through Analog Component Cables

HDMI has been such a can of worms for product manufacturers and custom installers that it has been very hard to believe the marketing drivel offered in advertisements. The different generations of HDMI have not wanted to talk to each other very well (if at all, in reality) and the HDCP handshake has been trouble when mixing brands. Combine those two problems and the result has been what I jokingly refer to as the Highly Doubtful Media Interface.

I am making a 'personal observation here only' and have some experience with the problems as I work in this industry. Many installers will only connect an HDMI cable in a system if forced to do so since they have been so troublesome in use. Add the desire of many to use a DVI adapter to an HDMI cable and the HDCP often refuses to work.

Component video works. Period.

HDMI, maybe.

As for 1080p in progressive component video it would depend on the display in the system as to whether a player offering that signal was better than the HDMI input offering the same signal. A mediocre display with HDMI and a digital 1080p signal could look worse than a high performance DVD player with an analog 1080p signal in a bypass input without further processing.

The most hated company in the USA last year in opinion surveys was the RIAA. Sometimes I think the MPAA would like to take their place with the way they treat end users. They treat us normal disk owners as if we are pirates, it seems to me, and they act as if we are the criminals. Think not? Have you read the FBI warning on the start of EVERY movie you buy? Are they irritating to you? They certainly are to me. Sorry to drift but so many issues are impacted with HDMI and HDCP and the lousy way they have been rolled out and implemented by the folks forcing it on this industry.

Your mileage may vary... This a personal opinion only.
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