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Default Apple Drops The Price Of DRM-Free iTunes Songs

Apple has confirmed that they have dropped the price of DRM-free songs downloaded via iTunes. Previously, Apple charged 99 cents per track for DRM encoded, 128kbps songs. Their iTunes Plus songs, which have bitrates of 256kbps and are DRM-free, sold for $1.29 per track.

Now, Apple has lowered the price of iTunes Plus songs from $1.29 per track to 99 cents per track. It appears that the 128kbps, DRM songs remain at 99 cents per track.

Apple has not given a reason as to the decision to slash the price on their downloaded music selection. However, speculation has Amazon's new online music store as the reason behind the decision. On September 25th, the Amazon music store began offering 256kbps, DRM-free music tracks at between 89 and 99 cents per track.

It is proven time and time again that competition is good for consumers. Downloading music via legitimate music sources is no exception.

While still a far cry from high-resolution music downloads, I would gladly take 256kbps, DRM-free tracks over 128kbps, DRM-encoded tracks. Since music today is lame as can be, 256kbps is fine with me. Everything is singles now anyway. The concept of an album is long dead. Why buy an "album" for 12 crappy songs, when all I want is the one semi-decent song?

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