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Smile Re: How much do you tip?

My standard tip is 20%, more if the service is excellent. I do agree with kennyt, if it sucks then no tip. My feeling is that if you work for tips then it's all in your hands and the service should be excellent. I'm pretty easy to get along with and I don't ask for a lot of special treatment or give a lot of wierd requests.

I don't like the automatic gratuity that is added in at restaurants. The service is usually not up to par and at worst they still get the 20%. I'm not a complainer, I just won't be back. Any more, the managers and owners don't care if you have a complaint so why waste your time.

I do like the resorts and hotels that are no tipping required and hold the employees to high standards. They are usually paid well and the 20% that is added to your bill is worth it.
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