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Default Re: The CEA Nixes 1080p Video Through Analog Component Cables

Although Jerry's posting raises some interesting points about the importance of providing consumers an optimal audio/video experience, there is a fundamental misunderstanding of the CEA standards setting process that merits clarification. The posting suggests that CEA "refused to allow a standard" related to 1080p and analog component cables. But in reality, all of CEA's standards committees work by consensus of the participants, and committees are open to any company with a material interest. Decisions reflect the will of those companies who invest the time to participate in the standards process, and outcomes are not dictated by CEA. CEA is a facilitator and record keeper.

Here is how this particular matter evolved. A company proposed to Working Group 5 of CEA’s DTV Interface Subcommittee that it add 1080p to the component analog interface standard. The Working Group met in August to determine whether there was consensus to expand the current analog component video standard to include 1080p. After extensive discussion, the working group determined that sufficient consensus did not exist to undertake that task at this time. The proponent of expanding the analog standard was invited to present the 1080p proposal at the next full subcommittee meeting for further discussion. That subcommittee meeting is scheduled for next week in conjunction with CEA’s Technology & Standards Forum event in San Diego. Indeed, this was not the first time the same issue had come before a CEA standards group -- the same proposal had been made a couple of years earlier and had been rejected by the body due to insufficient support.

The same committee that declined to make this change also manages our HDMI plugfest events two times a year. CEA supports that effort in conjunction with the HDCP licensing agent. The event now draws over 400 people with approximately 100 products and takes a full week of non-stop testing. The next one is coming up at the end of October.

In addition to our standards setting work, CEA also works to educate retailers and consumers about issues related to HDMI to help ensure that all consumers can benefit from the highest quality audio/video experience.

Brian Markwalter
VP – Technology and Standards
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