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Default Re: Blu-ray Dolby Digital vs HS. DDplus...

Originally Posted by tigeraudio2007 View Post
DTS on DVD is a bit confusing. According to DTS, full bitrate if 1509kbps and is scalable to 1344, 1152, 960 or 768. If DTS full bitrate is 1.5Mbps then speaking in terms of binary conversion (1MB = 1,024Kb) then full bitrate for DTS should be 1536kbps, hence why 768kbps is half-bitrate. DTS has no mention of 754kbps, as it is an odd conversion rate. So either DTS miscalculated and 1509 should be 1536 or full-bitrate is not quite 1.5Mbps. I know, trival, but still, it would be nice if there was some standard for it.
In DTS, 1509 and 754 are the pay-load bitrates for the audio, 1536 and 768 are their corresponding carrier data rates. Carrier=payload+'household'. 'Household' data contains no audio.

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