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Default Re: Sony VPL VW50 "Pearl" 1080p Projector Review

An initial review of the Pearl in either The Perfect Vision or Widescreen Review, I believe, seemed to indicate that the Pearl was extremely sensitive to the screen that was used. As I recall, the reviewer strongly recommended a purpose built screen from Stewart. I believe the recommended screen was in the $3-$4K range. Pricey for a $5K projector but worth it if it truly maximizes the viewing experience. Has anyone seen or read any further reviews that would confirm the initial review regarding the screen?

I did preview the Pearl at a local boutique dealer, Myer-Emco, but was VERY unimpressed with their Pearl setup. The main video room was reserved for an $18K projector. With the setup at Myer-Emco, which was lousy, I walked away with a lot less interest than I started with. I was seriously considering the Pearl.
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