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Angry Re: Today's Worst Bands...

I joined the forum specifically to respond to this thread as it is just too tempting to sit on the sidelines. Here goes:

Indie music - Indie is supposed to be short for independent, as in independently produced and different from everything else out there-- problem is that there are so many Indie bands now-- and they all sound exactly the same a 60's/70's retro throwback sound with curse-laden lyrics, obtuse band names, and "attitude" that supposedly helps them really differentiate themselves from all the rest of the castro-cap-wearing ill-mannered earth-suckers. I can't wait for this fad to die out.

Hip-hop/rap - It all sounds the same as has little if any positive message to give to youth. It is the most dangerous form of modern "music" as it supports violence, racism, and seriously degrades the dignity of the female gender. Its just an array of computer-genreated canned angst for a culture obsessed with excess, image, and acting tough. It promotes the blatant disregard for anything outside of self and has eroded any good sense of societal values. Worst of all, the SUVs and oversized vehicles that have come to symbolize this genre (again, speaking in general), are accelerating the depletion of oil reserves in the name of an "image" of glutony-- oh, and let's not forget about all the CO2... I would be very surprised if Al Gore was into rap/hip-hop...

So, some specifics:

Avril Lavigne - when recently asked for her opinon on the situation in Iraq, she twirled her hair and responded that it was "unfortunate" but that her new album was really cool.... nothing but net between her posts and her voice exists only in one octave. I fell very sorry for the parents of kids who have taken on this air-headed, coon-eyed, jezebel as a role model.

Michael Buble - I am simply baffled by this one as I don't get the mass of appeal and endless stream of articles in critical acclaim... must have an Einstein publicist

Nickelback - this one is borderline as they really are on their way out... let's hope... no hi-fi system should ever be subjected to Chad's voice through its class A circuits, unless, of course, your hi-fi system is actually a coffee grinder/lawn mower... its time they split up and did solo projects or moved on to producing

Alexisonfire - the universe has enough problems without someone screaming their angst-plagued guts with every fibre of their being into our speakers. Just think, people, the guy actually gets paid for just screaming indecipherable nonsense into a mic, and the band has legions of fans. Only in a world gone mad.

Enough said for now... I need a cold shower. Thanks for the opportunity to speak (or vent/rant as the case may be) :-)

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