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Smile Re: What is the coolest iPod Dock?

Originally Posted by wazzzup View Post
The applie "hi-fi" thing looked very lame and when I go into Best Buy or Circuit, nothing has impressed me yet for iPod docks that have built in speakers and there is no way im gonna buy a Bozo one, so does anyone have any recommendations? right now i just have a long cord on some senheizer studio headphones but I think they are underpowered.
Monitor Audio, maker of high end speakers, makes a unit with speakers that got great reviews. I`ve read a couple of these reviews myself. Though, I must tell you I have not heard it myself, yet. I was considering this for a graduation gift. Check The price has been lowered to where its a great bargain. If, anymore are left.

I believe its the I - DECK, at $129.00 down from I believe $349.00

Also, I`m not to clear about what you mean about your Sennheiser`s, but if you want to get the best from them, you may want to consider a Headroom Amplifier. The people are great, and they have a headphone solution for just about everything. Check

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