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Default Re: Replacing receiver ,ideas ,suggestions appreciated

There are many other factors to consider here, as this recently has been the favorite question as of late. But, to help you out quickly, The Onkyo TX - RS805 has the number of inputs you want, plenty of power, reliable, I believe THX Certified, at your limit of $999.95. Also, check Andrew Robinson` review at for the Yamaha RX - V861 receiver. Great features, good power as well, but I believe one less HDMI input. But do read Andrew`s review, its excellent.

On a budget, I believe all of us here like the Onkyo TX - RS 605. Well reviewed just about with everyone, can`t go wrong here. Do go and listen if you can. Find a good dealer that will allow a trial period, so if you need to make a switch, you can.
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