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Default Re: DirecTV fails with customer service THEN their equipment

I don`t know guys, I think I mentioned earlier that I worked for Cablevision here in Westchester and heard all the horror stories with DirecTV. Cablevision has its issues as well, but at least you can get a real tech to the house (just make sure you request a house tech, not a contractor, 10% of the installs and service calls done in Westchester are contractors, Jim Dolans idea).

Service does not stop for bad weather, and the picture is decent. Wind and rain will not ruin a movie while you are chilling with the wife, or embarass you when you have friends and family over.
And, they offer no internet and phone. And Optimum is very fast.
Here Andrew, most of the Dish Network and DirecTV customers are the influx of Peruvian, Chile, Mexico, Guatemala, and Brazil customers. Most would get cable, but until recently, had no International channels, which is becoming a very big thing. Especially the people from India. Though they are here now, they still want to watch news and sports from their native countries. Especially soccer. And hardly any of them are into home theater at all!!
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