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Smile Re: To be clear

Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post
I want to be clear about my stance on HDMI.

I am not supporting analog, non-copy protected connections for the future but with the total failure of Intel and the HDCP code so far - wouldn't it be nice if people like us who spent the money, time and effort to get into 1080p video could actually make it work.

I spent THOUSANDS of dollars trying to get my HD DVD and Blu-ray players talking to my Meridian (and Dtrovision, Geffen and other) HDMI switchers. Yes, sometimes they worked. Other times they didn't meaning I needed to pull out the rack rails and get into a 15 minute tear down sessions in my somewhat "finished" theater JUST to watch a movie. In that case, I would rather just listen to music.

In the end, I settled for 1080i component video out from my HD sources because that was the only way it works with any level of confidence.

Do I want HDMI to work? ABSOLUTELY. Will I adopt HDMI for my system when the copy protection improves? Without a question.

I use HDMI in my bedroom with 100% success on non- HDCP components like the DirecTV HR10-250 and a Sony HDMI DVD player. Note: those are both non-HDCP complaint.

The CEA and Gary Shapiro should be ALL OVER Intel to fix this nightmare. The AV business needs the simplicity of one-cable connections. Hollywood needs copy protection for 1080p video. Its a win-win if it ever works.
Your right and correct. This whole thing really comes down to functionality and simplicity. One cable to do all the work. That makes life simpler for everybody. It definitely is a win, win.
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