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Default Re: The CEA Nixes 1080p Video Through Analog Component Cables

I'm not supporting analog either. No music experience ever made me happier prior to HDMI than connecting the firewire from my Pioneer Elite 59TXVi receiver to my Pioneer Elite 59AVi dvd player. It flawlessly played whatever disc I put in and automatically switched to the disc format--with just one firewire cable. If HDMI ever works with the simplicity and performance of firewire I would be cheering at the top of my lungs.

Similarly, the best success I have had with HDMI is with my bedroom system where I also have a DirecTV HD receiver connected to a Pioneer Elite 49TXi receiver, a Pioneer Elite 79avi dvd player, and a Sony XBR2 40" LCD HDTV.

In my media room it was a totally different story until two months ago when I had a lightning strike fry everything in my media room except Monitor Audio GR10's (4 of them) and the GR center channel. Since the subwoofer was self-powered--it got fried too. The Panny 50" plasma fried too as did my computers and peripherals.

Now I'm getting a fat check from my insurance company and I think I'll get the new Pioneer Elite uber receiver in December and a new Pioneer Elite 60" 1080p plasma. I might be forced to get a 2nd generation Pioneer Elite Blu Ray player, figuring that I will have the least handshake problems, even with a second DirecTV HD receiver. It's a lot of money to spend for peace of mind--and I can't be totally sure I will get that peace of mind until it is all hooked up. Who knows if a new Toshiba HD dvd player will have handshake or other problems? Or if the second generation Samsung or LG HD/Blu ray players will be cooperative. At this point I'm somewhat leery of mixing too many different brands of components.

I just want an HDMI system that works semmlessly like a firewire system---but it seems like that is too much to ask currently.

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