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Default How much do you tip?

My broker tells me that I would tip a toll booth attendant - if they would let me. I don't think its that bad but there are some people who AMAZINGLY don't tip at all.

My take is: many service people make low wages and often automatic tipping (like at my country club) in the end goes to the house - not the server.

For good service, I tip 20% at a restaurant.

At a hard to get into place, I will grease the Host who got me the reservation from $20 to $100 - if I want to be able to get back. I will also make sure he remembers my name and ask him "what is the best number to call if I wanted to come back". There is often a "secret" number.

I do not tip people at a counter like at Subway or at the gym where they sell you a $4 bottle of water that requires no service other than to pull it from the fridge.

Where do you tip and how much?

Do you tip the Pizza guy if it is delivered?

Do you tip the cart girl on the golf course?

Have you ever tried tipping the guy checking you into a luxury hotel? That is a KILLER TRICK that can turn $20 cash into a $200 plus room upgrade as that $12 per hour guy has all of the power to move you on up like the Jeffersons.
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