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Default To be clear

I want to be clear about my stance on HDMI.

I am not supporting analog, non-copy protected connections for the future but with the total failure of Intel and the HDCP code so far - wouldn't it be nice if people like us who spent the money, time and effort to get into 1080p video could actually make it work.

I spent THOUSANDS of dollars trying to get my HD DVD and Blu-ray players talking to my Meridian (and Dtrovision, Geffen and other) HDMI switchers. Yes, sometimes they worked. Other times they didn't meaning I needed to pull out the rack rails and get into a 15 minute tear down sessions in my somewhat "finished" theater JUST to watch a movie. In that case, I would rather just listen to music.

In the end, I settled for 1080i component video out from my HD sources because that was the only way it works with any level of confidence.

Do I want HDMI to work? ABSOLUTELY. Will I adopt HDMI for my system when the copy protection improves? Without a question.

I use HDMI in my bedroom with 100% success on non- HDCP components like the DirecTV HR10-250 and a Sony HDMI DVD player. Note: those are both non-HDCP complaint.

The CEA and Gary Shapiro should be ALL OVER Intel to fix this nightmare. The AV business needs the simplicity of one-cable connections. Hollywood needs copy protection for 1080p video. Its a win-win if it ever works.
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