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Default Re: The CEA Nixes 1080p Video Through Analog Component Cables

I certainly didn't mean to suggest that I don't want HDMI to work. I just think it is pointless for the studios to keep messing with the protocols to prevent 1080p copying as opposed to 1080i copying or 720p copying. The people or companies in Asia and elsewhere that do massive illegal copying will either crack the code or just keep selling the same mediocre copies they have been selling for years at the much cheaper prices to the millions who want these movies and can't afford the "big buck" and pristine versions.

The powers that be, from the studios to the electronic companies along with the HDMI alliance, should just focus on providing the best and most foolproof method for these cables to carry and receive the best signals they can. The copy protection protocols are undoubtedly the main reason for the majority of difficulties with HDMI. The problem is that each studio wants their own protocol and they want to continuosly change them to prevent the copying companies that want to hack them a step behind. This process always keeps the honest consumer struggling to find compatible HDMI devices--and who knows how long they will be compatible with changing protocols?

As far as I'm concerned, give me firewire with huge capacity and toss the others away. But since firewire operates seemlessly without copyright crud. I can dream--can't I?

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