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Default Re: The CEA Nixes 1080p Video Through Analog Component Cables

There will always be those who don't really care, or claim not to be able to see and hear the differences between standard DVD's and HD content, or MP3's and uncompressed audio, for them they are happy just to have a picture to watch or music to mow the lawn by...

Then there are those that frequent forums like this in the quest for the best that is available!

Just like I have forsaken RF video, composite video and most recently component video for DVI or HDMI, I want this to work as reliably as the forgoing signal formats and give me the best possible image. Now that they have steered most of us in that direction, the industry at large should be working overtime to make sure all aspects of the HDMI experiance are seemless and reliable.

I now use HDMI from my HTPC, HD-DVD and Sat Receiver, all connect into my BenQ W9000 through a switcher (HDCP compliant) without any problems (they way it should be).

So far I am happy...
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