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Default Re: How many would you buy if re-mastered in 24/96?

Originally Posted by farrellhiatt View Post
At the money they would cost they would have to have a concert or something else to make them worth most peoples money. The best setup I have seen is the Fly Like An Eagle album remake by Steve Miller where he put his 30th Anniversary Tour concert dvd with the album. It was worth paying a little extra for the dvd since his concert was awesome.

I do agree with the comment about the Sex Pistols album. They had some good songs but their technical ability for a full album sucks.
I'm not sure what this comment is about the Sex Pistols. They are not even in this Top 100 list.

This is essentially a survey question that the major record labels are wondering about.

Before they would agree to invest the time and money to produce H-Rez "music discs" (to augment the movies and games on HD-DVD and Blu-ray) they need to know how many people would actually purchase such discs.

Ex. Beatles- Sgt. Pepper (HD-DVD Music Disc)

* Re-released with the highest audio fidelity ever offered !!
* Video extras, including original album artwork & band photos
* Suggested List Price: $19.99

So using this Top 100 as a guide... how many of these albums would you be interested in purchasing (after you buy an HD or BD player), if they were re-released with the BEST SOUND EVER?

(NOTE: Of course, these discs would also include Hi-Rez UNCOMPRESSED 5.1 re-mixes whenever possible... but not on the "oldies" that were not originally archived with each instrument and voice on it's own separate track)

Top 100:


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