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Default Re: The CEA Nixes 1080p Video Through Analog Component Cables

The CEA and the Hollywood studios have their collective heads so far up their collective rectums it is beyond belief. In Asia, where most illegal copying takes place--does the CEA or Hollywood think the people buying this illegal discs give a rip about whether they are 1080i, 1080p, or 720p? No they don't. They just want to watch the movie on the cheap. Haven't they learned squat from the success of low resolution MP3 or iPOD tunes? The relatively small collection of many people in these audio and video forums that want the best is so miniscule compared to the marketplace for all the software it is ridiculous.

So they waste the time, money, and good will of those that want the best and are willing to pay for it to prevent the hundreds of millions who couldn't care less about getting the absolute best. They just want to watch a movie with their fave stars at a mediocre resolution. Price is the king in poor countries, not high quality in the mostly disposable realm of recorded movies and music.

Some people never learn and are so locked into antiquated beliefs that are destructive to both them and the consumer it boggles the mind.

Greg Stern
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