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Default Re: The CEA Nixes 1080p Video Through Analog Component Cables

I don't see any part of Jerry's article that questions going digital...I think the main point of his article is that, "The CEA should be publicly putting tremendous pressure to get the HDMI specification and copy protection to a level where one-cable-connectivity passes the best in HD video and high-resolution audio."
If that implies maintaining the use of (superior) HDMI connectivity but working hard to make it work reliably and consistently, naturally we all are in agreement (but that scentence doesn't negate the rest of his article where he proposes 1080p over analog as the solution).

Also, 1080p over component is already technically possible... just not approved. If you have a 1080p CRT Runco projection system that is inherently analog, naturally you gain no benefit from digital video transmission. There are devices available to deliver 1080p over analog to a 9" CRT projector... just not "scantioned".

However, 9" CRT projectors do not constitute the majority of 1080p capable systems in operation today (most panel-based 1080p HD systems are HDMI enabled).

I also don't agree that this article is "sensationalizing" the issue. The issue of poor handshaking is widely known, and since I've got a fine 1080i setup already, it was one of the key drivers that kept me out of market for any of the first generation 1080p equipment. What I DO find sentationalizing is your statement that, "Most people have no problems with HDMI video signals." So you've surveyed 51% of all HDMI equipment users/owners in the world?
Have 49% of the purchasers of 1080p HDTV sets returned them because they didn't work? Everyone running an upconverting DVD player, Blu-ray, or HD DVD player is running HDMI (ignoring the HD DVD add-on for the 360) and on all forums I've visited I've never heard of any serious problems with HDMI compatibility beyond the usual timing issues of device versus display resolution settings etc. (and the occaional problem trying to run 1080p through the HDMI switching of a receiver only designed for 1080i).

Since you only have a 1080i set, how is this discussion relevent to your situation anyway? Run component at 1080i and enjoy.

There is a difference between obsolete and unusable.

When I bought my Runco 980 CRT projector, it was a $20K purchase.

I want to be able to keep feeding it as long as possible. Supporting a analog video signal is important to me. Ideally, that would be an RGB signal, but I can tolerate a component video signal.
Agreed. Esoteric (but excellent) gear like yours gets isolated in a digital-protocol world. There are devices that will supply you with your signal, just not with a Sony label.

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