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Default Re: The CEA Nixes 1080p Video Through Analog Component Cables

Originally Posted by DaViD Boulet View Post
"sensationalizing" articles like this are misleading. Most people have no problems with HDMI video signals. And going digital is *THE* way to get the best image quality possible.

If anything, groups having difficulty with HDMI working properly should:

1. complain to the manufacturers who didn't get the HDMI thing right in the equipment they bought.

2. lobby for a better/less problematic copy-protection scheme but one that maintains signal integrity in an HDMI carrier.

The same "high end installation/home-theater" crowd complained when DVD replaced laserdisc. It's ok to move forward, though it does sometimes involved gear becoming obsolete.
I don't see any part of Jerry's article that questions going digital...I think the main point of his article is that, "The CEA should be publicly putting tremendous pressure to get the HDMI specification and copy protection to a level where one-cable-connectivity passes the best in HD video and high-resolution audio." I agree with his statement and think it would be great if AVREV would be the "public voice" that covinces the CEA to lead such a campaign.

I also don't agree that this article is "sensationalizing" the issue. The issue of poor handshaking is widely known, and since I've got a fine 1080i setup already, it was one of the key drivers that kept me out of market for any of the first generation 1080p equipment. What I DO find sentationalizing is your statement that, "Most people have no problems with HDMI video signals." So you've surveyed 51% of all HDMI equipment users/owners in the world?
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