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Default Re: Today's Worst Bands...

The music industry spends too much time looking for the next big thing instead of supporting the ones that made them a bunch of money. It is always looking for the band of the month which they then forget about next month because they were not good enough. I have seen and heard many albums in my time that I thought had great songs that never got promoted as singles for something that the record company thought was a hit but was not.

There are so many different genres of music now that people do not get to hear songs by good bands that do not fit just in one kind of music. Most good southern rock bands have gone country since they can not get airplay on rock stations which are few and far between now for new rock. There are many classic rock stations and goldie oldie stations which play songs from the 50's thru the early 90's but new music rock stations are harder to find except on the internet. used to be one of the best places for unknown bands and artists to put their music. I heard all kinds of different types of good to great music there in the 90's as well as some really bad songs but we got to vote on what we thought of the music. My opinion counted only as one vote of many so it was interesting to see what others thought also.
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