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Default Re: Blu-ray Dolby Digital vs HS. DDplus...

Originally Posted by tigeraudio2007 View Post
[...] Even the LPCM files are 4306kbps versus TrueHD at 18Mbps. [...]

How many channels are contained withing that LPCM @ 4306? Stereo on DVD LPCM is 1509kbps, so 4306 would be fine for 5.1, considering that 3 x 1509 = 4527. The LFE channel contains less data, so a 221kpbs smaller stream for the LFE would be fine for a 5.1 original LPCM master file - it doesn't get more lossless than that! (Can someone please validate/falsify my assumption here?)

The DD/THD stream at 18Mbs seems INFLATED as a result - for a 5.1 mix. Why is that? Does it contain the DD, the DD+ and the DD/THD (aka MLP) all at the same time, being redundant three times over at different qualities? Could someone please explain or do the sums?

Thanks, G.
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