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Default Dirty AC and the theater

Many years ago (1991) I went to school at Shoreline Community College in the greater Puget Sound region in what's now Shoreline, Washington to become an Audio Engineer. I graduated in 1993 with an AA/AS in Music in Performance and Industry (Audio Engineering Option) and since then it's been the reason for my excruciatingly uncompromising taste and requirements in my personal audio gear to the point that I don't actually own a "theater" because the cost for building the room, let alone purchasing the $50k or so worth of electronics, is beyond my means thus far.

I have, however, a few pieces that could be thrown together to "make" a system if the room were built today and they include massive P.A. speakers such as Mackie SRS1500 (15 inch sub) and mains: Mackie SRM450, along with a pair of studio monitors that cost as much as the 450s, Mackie HR824. So all I'd need to add is a Mackie HR626 for the center (or a pair of 624s) and the 5.1 setup would be complete. Here's my question: Given my obvious love affair for all things self-amplified (not all Mackie, I'd have a 2700W Sunfire sub (or two) in the theater given a choice), what would the reader recommend I use to clean up the power? Should I just build a battery room off to the side and buy a 15,000 watts worth of inverters or is there a more cost-effective way to achieve the clean U.P.S. sound I dream of...

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