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Default Re: Blu-ray Dolby Digital vs HS. DDplus...

Originally Posted by Darren View Post
Also, do you know what the bit rate is for DTS on standard DVD? Thanks.
DTS on DVD is either 754 Kb/sec or 1509 Kb/sec, also known as 'half' bit rate and 'full' bit rate DTS. Although DTS would rather you not call it that, as their codec can in fact scale much higher than that. DTS is always a 48/24 payload bit rate or a 96/24 payload when using that extension (core is 48/24, extension contains the extra data for the 96/24 audio).

although DTS is technically a 'lossy' codec, in many instances - when there just isn't all that much audio going on - the DTS encoding is in fact not losing any data at all, as it just isn't getting that heavy of a pay load to encode: in which cases it is in fact lossless...

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