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Default Re: DirecTV fails with customer service THEN their equipment

Yea, tier 1 CS people there seem to be doing nothing but reading off a script and are of no help, they seem to think everyone is as clueless about the receivers as they are!

Fortunately I don't deal with CS unless one of my receivers has a hardware problem which means it's been over a year since I talked to them.
Both of my HR20-700's are running pre-release software & all the tier levels of CS know only about the national release software. So all my questions go to where any bugs are addressed in the next pre-release download.

My question to you Jerry is why do you still have the HR10-250's?
Not only are they known for the poor build quality they are I believe Mpeg2 only so you can't get the new HD stations.
Is the TiVo interface that good that you put up with the failures & no new HD stations?
The HR20-700's are of a better build quality than older boxes & they are Mpeg4 receivers so you can get all the new HD channels, but if you get new receivers you get a new 2 year commitment.

My biggest problem with DirecTV is their draconian commitment terms, there is no 30 day trial period, you set up DirecTV & you have a 2 year commitment (is that even legal?), you upgrade your receivers, another 2 year commitment, forcing people to pay to leave is no way to treat customers!
Also why am I paying $299 each for a leased receiver?? That really tick me off but I paid it because I wanted HD-DVR's.

Most companies Customer service is a joke anymore, but believe me I'm way better off with DirecTV than I was with Cox cable!
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