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Exclamation Demand working HDMI connections!

This is where I don't understand the high end, a lot of people on this site seem to have a lot of problems with handshake issues, I heard many installers are running HDMI but using Component to keep from having service calls for handshake problems.
You guys need to tell the installers if it won't work on HDMI take it out & find me something that will!
There is no excuse for 5 & 6 figure equipment not preforming as well as 3 & 4 figure equipment period!

I'm lucky my HDMI equipment works without a hitch, the mid range (where I'm at) seems to have a lot better luck with HDMI than the high end does.

Personally if my Denon AVR 3808ci would have had handshake problems I wouldn't have hesitated a second in returning it if it couldn't be fixed very quickly!
My Denon has the "playsforsure" sticker on it & it works fine with my Sony PS3 (only 1080p source) Sony DVP NS3100ES DVD player, DirecTV HR20-700 HD-DVR & the Sony 70" XBR2 TV.

It looks like HDMI is here to stay & if you want 1080p video & lossless audio you have no other choices.
So you high end people need to have your voices heard & make it loud
While you are a small percentage of the overall market you are also the early adopters & have a lot of influence in the CE industry.

I've seen reviews where they have praised the audio & video capabilities of "uber expensive" AV gear for their transparent "you are there" audio, amazing video & tank like build qualities but at the bottom of the story or in the pros & cons boxes they explain there was "handshake" problems, the gear with handshake problems should fail, get an unacceptable rating & be throughly chastised for not being able to do what a $499 av receiver can do!

Accepting a lesser connection because your $50,000 projector has problems with the HDMI handshake is completely unacceptable!
Get on your soap box & demand the studios, manufactures & the HDMI group get there act together!
Vote with your wallets tell these companies that you have supported to do it right or your walking!

I know I'm in the group that these companies make their big profits on because for each person that will pay $50K for a system there is 250,000 like me that will pay $2K for a system, but we don't have the clout with them that the high end guys do so stand up & be heard when you say we want our HDMI to work every time!

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