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Default Re: DirecTV fails with customer service THEN their equipment

I've had similar experience with DirectTV which is why I am no longer a customer. Not only did my HD boxes break the customer service was awful. When I moved I paid a boat load of money to cancel my subscription only to be hit with a bill ONE YEAR later for charges they failed to tally when I canceled. I moved to Time Warner Digital Cable for a year and they were in a dead heat with DirectTV for being totally useless.

I now have Dish and couldn't be happier. They installed my system the next day (Both DirectTV and Time Warner couldn't do it for three weeks) and I have HD in every room in the house for about half what Direct TV and TW would've charged me. They're great to do business with and every time I need someone to come out to the house they're there and on time. I will never use DirectTV or TW again. I don't care how many HD channels they claim to have in the future.
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