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Default Will Richard Gray's Dealers Be Able To Sell a $25,000 Power Vault

I saw this MONSTER (no pun intended at CEDIA) and it looks pretty cool. It is a TANK and is designed to work at the circuit not as much as in your theater. It offers battery back up and more for specified circuits of your house (I know this isn't the bes description but I am no EE geek - check their site for more 411).

My question is: can RGPC dealers sell a product that isn't sold to the consumer as much as it is sold to a contractor? Normally, contractors and subs like and eletrician are the ones who spec this stuff. Will they listen to a custom installer from the AV space?

An early hint to the answer might be YES as they sold 50 of the suckers at CEDIA to dealers and distributors. At thier price - that's ain't 1/2 bad!!!!

What do you think?
Jerry Del Colliano
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