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Default Re: Price vs. Performance

Been reading the forum on speakers and friendly sparring between Andrew and Jerry - interesting and enjoyable .
Having read many of Jerry's reviews, I gather that he is a" balls to the walls" type of guy demanding ultimate performance and systems that really rock your world .
Appears this extends to cars as well .
Andrew ...I do not know , but appears you are more laid back as far as this is concerned ( or am I wrong ?) and Jerry is trying to change your ways.

Interesting also , that you compare speakers to cars .......I am a Revel Ultima man ,having a full compliment of them in my home theatre system - bang for the buck ? Hell yes, given the price for the not so faint hearted ! They do everything so well and more and still surprise you from time to time .
In my opinion , if your system still surprises you , no matter at what level you are , you are on the right track and enjoying what it can do for you ,no matter what the price level .

As it is with cars .........I drive an Audi S4 - not in Lambo class ,( a yellow Gallardo wud be my ultimate choice any day ) but great to drive and still surprises me in a feel-good way .
Somebody mentioned the Audi R8 ...I am getting one for the week-end sometime in August and will let you have my impressions from a layman's point of view least this comes with a 5 year motorplan unlike a new or even less so , used Ferrari !
Whoever buys a second hand Ferrari , will be assured of the performance , but hell the price of keeping this on the road is ,sadly ,only for the very few.
Ok, my bang for the buck , two cents worth is in.
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