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Exclamation DirecTV fails with customer service THEN their equipment

DirecTV sucks.

They constantly waste my time and even worse - my money.

I have 5 HR10-250 HD tivos. They CONSTANTLY break. I pay their STUPIDLY HIGH rates for "insurance" and they still work me for 45 minutes on the phone trying to reboot a DEAD unit that wont power up.

Their next move is to try to make one of their contractors come up to your place. No thanks.

Then they MIGHT give in an send you another receiver. I can tell you have received NO LESS THAT 6 dead units in the past year from DirecTV.

When my next receiver arrives a few days later - its an HR-20 DVR NOT A TIVO. Note to the IDIOT in India or whereever he was - I have a programed remote for the TIVO that I PAY your company to replace with $7 per month. Idiots.

I don't care how many JD Power awards or how many Peyton Manning commercials they run - their hardware SUCKS. Outsourcing their customer serive isn't too smart either.

I am thinking about cable after being a client since DAY ONE!!!!!
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