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Default Re: Blu-ray Dolby Digital vs HS. DDplus...

As for Blu-ray...

300 - LPCM 4608kbps, DD 640kbps, TrueHD 18Mbps
Casino Royale - LPCM 4608kbps, DD 448kbps
Click - LPCM 4608kbps, DD 640kbps

I don't believe that Blu-ray uses Dolby Digital Plus.

I believe that all the HD DVDs thus far have used 1.5Mbps and not the limit of 3.0Mbps. Universal titles are at 1.5Mbps. I'm not sure about WB, but I'm pretty positive they're only 1.5MBps as well. I'll try to find specific examples.

DTS on SD DVD varies as well. The first titles released in DTS on DVD were generally encoded at the highest bitrate for DVD DTS which is 1536kbps. Later titles began to used a reduced bitrate of 768kbps. Jurassic Park would be encoded at 1536kbps whereas I believe Dante's Peak was released with a 768kbps bitrate.
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