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Default Canton Introduces Two-Way Monitor in Vento Reference Line

Canton has introduced the Vento Reference 9 DC, a two-way compact loudspeaker in the company's flagship Vento Reference series. Combining the line's signature elegant curved cabinet design with high-end driver advances and crossover construction, the Reference 9 DC is ideal for use as a monitor in a high-end audio system, or in the front LCR position of a home theater.

"The Reference 9 DC is the finest compact design we've ever offered," said Canton Chief Designer Frank Göbl. "By implementing the improvements to the cabinet, driver motor structures and electronic component selection developed for the larger Vento Reference speakers, we have built a reference monitor for the most discriminating of audio enthusiasts. Additionally, by including our Displacement Control technology, usually offered only in our large floorstanding models, we have extended its bass response to rival that of speakers several times its size."

The Canton Vento Reference 9 DC is a compact two-way design in an cabinet structure formed from six layers of acoustically inert fiberboard that are pressure-laminated together one at a time into an extremely inert monocoque structure. The cabinet is finely appointed in either silver or black hand-rubbed piano lacquer finish.

The Canton Vento Reference 9 DC employs a highly refined version of the company's acclaimed ADT-25 dome tweeter. The 1-inch dome is made from an alloy of aluminum and manganese that results in an extremely light and rigid structure that has excellent power handling and dispersion characteristics. It's dome and voice coil former are fashioned from a single piece of aluminum-manganese alloy for reduced mass, significantly improved heat dispersion, and elimination of the problems associated with glued junctions in this critical area. The shape of the dome has also been refined for higher rigidity, and better performance at high frequencies and power levels than conventional metal domes.

The 7-inch aluminum cone woofer used in the Reference 9 DC is a version of Canton's highly regarded aluminum cone design, which includes a concave dust cap for greater linearity and better dispersion characteristics. For the Reference 9 DC, the driver's motor structure has been enhanced through the use of improved magnet structure to provide greater linear excursion capabilities and increased power handling. Additionally, the driver includes the company's exclusive wave surround and an upgraded spider assembly to support this increased excursion, contributing to overall reduction in distortion, and improvements in low frequency response and output.

Finally, the Reference 9 DC crossover circuitry has been redesigned with stricter component tolerances, higher current carrying capability and improved overall signal purity. The Vento Reference 9 DC is the only compact speaker Canton offers that includes the company's exclusive DC (Displacement Control) Technology, which uses a proprietary high-pass filter to prevent signals below the audible frequency range from interfering with the bass driver. In conventional speakers, these signals can generate high levels of unwanted harmonic distortion in the audible lower bass range, causing a muffled or "blatty" tonal quality. DC technology allows the speakers to provide clear, linear bass reproduction at much lower frequencies than could otherwise be attained.

The Canton Vento Reference 9 DC is currently available at a suggested retail price of $4,000 per pair. is offline   Reply With Quote