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Default Re: Best Amp/Pre-Amp for Wilson Duettes

Originally Posted by deacongreg View Post
All of Jerry`s recommendations are superb. And, fortunately I`ve heard all of these companies amps. But, if we are talking about price, performance ratio here, then the Bel Canto`s are hard to beat.
I had the opportunity and pleasure to hear the Bel Cantos first hand at HE2007 and came away very impressed. Plus, if you do decide to use a computer or labtop for music as a source, the Bel Cantos having the USB is a huge advantage. Not to mention space considerations.
But, since your already have a Bel, why change? Are you not pleased.
They are very good amplifiers.
Agree on the price performance. I'm happy with the Bel Cantos and they are part of another system in my home. Wanted to try a different company's components with the Duettes, not because I don't like the Bel Cantos, I just want to explore and enjoy the sound of another brand.

I'm trying to get a demo of the NuForce Ref 9V2SE, will be demoing SuperNait+HiCap this weekend and will explore integrated solutions from BAT, Burmester, Krell or McIntosh (e.g. MA 6900). Will post the feedback on the Naim products because I'm finding there's not much out there as a point of comparison.
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