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Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post
For people that don't know - 4k projector isn't a home theater projector for all but a HANDFUL of people in the world. The light output is INSANE and can light up a truly huge screen with resolutions that make 1080p look silly.

I have seen this projector on the Sony lot comparing DVD resolution to Blu-ray and you NEVER want to watch a DVD again. I also saw "click" on that system which was shot native to digital cinema. It looks better than a football game in 1080i or 720p in native HD. Its SO bright and crisp you can't belive you are watching video. NOTHING in consumer video can compete with 4k.
This is beyond belief. And, they use my favorite amplifiers, McIntosh!! And would this be a great experience for me to finally here tubes. There should be a tour scheduled to there, and we all at should go an experience this. This must be the 11th wonder of the world!!
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