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Originally Posted by xyclo View Post
Hi there.

I recently ordered a pair of Wilson Duette speakers and am looking for an amp, pre-amp and dac to pair with them.

My dealer is recommending a Naim system. Either Naim SuperNait (which is an 80Wpc integrated amplifier with a DAC) or separate components (Naim NAP 250 amp, also 80wpc and NAC 282 pre-amp) that are roughly double the price of the integrated solution.

The cost comparison is roughly double when comparing the integrated solution (SuperNait $5k) and separates (NAP 250, NAC 252 $12k).

Here's my question.

How does an 80Wpc amp like Naim compare to something like the Bel Canto REF1000 at 500Wpc coupled with the Bel Canto DAC3? The full system price points are comparable so I'm wondering what is the value difference between the two systems.

How does Naim stack up against comparably priced components that offer 150wpc or even 200wpc?

I realize it's down to my ear but it's difficult to hear all combinations of components with the Wilsons because that ultimately depends on what the Wilson dealers actually sell.

Any advice appreciated as well as helping me understand how much wpc matters in terms of evaluating amplifiers.
All of Jerry`s recommendations are superb. And, fortunately I`ve heard all of these companies amps. But, if we are talking about price, performance ratio here, then the Bel Canto`s are hard to beat.
I had the opportunity and pleasure to hear the Bel Cantos first hand at HE2007 and came away very impressed. Plus, if you do decide to use a computer or labtop for music as a source, the Bel Cantos having the USB is a huge advantage. Not to mention space considerations.
But, since your already have a Bel, why change? Are you not pleased.
They are very good amplifiers.
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