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Default Re: Best Amp/Pre-Amp for Wilson Duettes

Originally Posted by Silver Supra View Post
I would recommend you try some of the new switching amps (Bel Canto/NuForce/etc) before you buy anything. They are very good.

Most of these companies offer in-home demo's or at least a generous return policy.

I don't have direct experience with Naim but $12k can get you one helluva nice system.

Don't get fixated on the wpc rating - it tells very little about how the amp will work with your particular speakers and ultimately sound.

I would start by calling Wilson and asking them for some recomendations.
Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post
GREAT to see you posting on!

I have owned MANY pairs of wilson including the WATT PUPPY v7's I currently have. I have also owned a Naim NAIT from WAY back in the day. If you say it is 80 Watts now - that is a HUGE improvment over the 8 Watts I had 15 years ago. Its a sweet sounding unit as I remember but Wilson's, while able to run on low wattage, like more smack behind them as I learned in my review of the Krell Evolution equipment.

Some of my recomendations include:
- Bel Canto's integrated amp - very inexpensive (RAVE review pending on
- Krell's integrated amp - this is what I have on my Dad's Watt Puppies.
- Mark Levinson's Integrated amp = Wilson and Levinson is a CLASSIC combo.

Also recomend Transparent cables for this system as i belive the Wilson speakers are wired with Transparent at the factory. The truth is, Wilsons just sound pain GREAT with Transparent.

Sleeper recomendation:
- Get a Logitch Transporter media server and download HIGH RES music from Music Giants as a high res audio source. Be sure to pick up some stuff from AIX records!!!!
Thanks for the tips. I'm planning to demo the NuForce amp with a local dealer. I already have the Bel Canto (REF 1000 and DAC3) on another system and have been very pleased; however, I want to try something else for my new system.

For the Krell I assume you mean the KAV-400xi. I didn't know Mark Levinson made an integrated amp.

Took your advice and contacted Wilson for recommendations; will post my findings here.

Regarding the Logitech Transporter Media Server, how does this stack up against the Apple TV? I suppose the DAC is better, but how does it compare to something like the Bel Canto DAC3?

My music collection is entirely Apple Lossless on a MacPro. I have an Apple TV connected via optical to DAC3 and then XLR into REF 1000. Great sound!

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