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Default Re: What are some of your other hobbies?

I hear you! I have literally jumped my T-Maxx (that now has the 3.3 motor in it with a lower spur gear) off four fooot cliffs wirthout a scratch (well, maybe a scratch, tough to tell when you get a new one!) but it hasn't broken a thing! In fact with the exception of the one time I hit a park grill base, and a couple of screws that fell out (likely my fault for not checking) the truck has been very low mainainance......

Now my Jato seems to gravitate towards immobile objects and has had countless arms, rods, and even trans housing replaced.... It is amazing the damage concrete and macadam do to these things! I can land and bounce all day long on dirt. Do the same thing on concrete..... I'm doing a major rebuild.... Fortunately for me, I took up this hobby for two reasons, I always wanted a good R/C car, and I missed working on cars. I keep it as a hobby, so when I get frustrated, I stop. For me there is no stress.

Trash the car, go home, no biggie. Fix it later.

Get fed up with tuning, swap cars or go home.... I do this for fun and as such totally keep it that way which makes it really nice! Some times I am not in a 'fun' mood, so I don't use them then!
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