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Default Re: Price vs. Performance

Well, maybe I am in the wrong forum cause I can't purchase an exotic car or esoteric high end audio gear, but I like listening to music. Good is good and on principle, I would purchase good irrespective of the "image." So, what is good regardless of price? Well, some of the PSB speakers are very good. And I was very surprised by the Odyssey Audio Mono Block power amps - they are just plain good sonically and musically (I want to hear the artists performance and intent).

And there has to be other stuff out there like that: audio components that are just as good or even better than the esoteric, but priced fairly for what they are. And if a professional reviewer will not tell me what they are, then high end may be doomed long term. I mean, I was in the military when I purchased most of my high end audio equipment. Linn was not built by folks that drive Ferrari's, it was built by people like me that cared about listening to good music in the home. I saved money when at sea, then made my purchases with those savings and tax returns. Well, I certainly could not purchase a new Linn turntable like that today.

No, most of the stuff I read about now is either way too expensive, or simply garbage (sonically) that could not get any closer to the original recording that a wet paper bag. But if I were wealthy, I would have a better turntable and speakers, though I do not know right now that they would necessarily cost more than Linn gear.
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