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Default Re: What is better, Blu-ray or HD DVD?

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I just did a quick google search for players and found the Toshiba HD-A2 for $199.95 and a Samsung BDP-1200 for $377.95. That brings you into both formats (and with a smoking hot Blu-ray player that is still a reference for me) for a whopping $577.90. This is less than my electric bill living in Florida a month. OK, I understand many folks live on a tight budget, so no reason you couldnít afford ONE of these players and be in the game right now is there??

Letís face it, for sub $400 for an excellent player, there really is no reason not to buy one. Worried about software?? Join Netflix and rent them, if your format of choice dies, so what! You only lose the player cost, which is pretty small to say the least!

OK, here is what is frustrating, I can buy both those players yet I still have no source for my SACD's so now I have to use a 3rd player and then upgrade my processor as I do not have 5.1 analog inputs for everything.

At this point, I think I would spend the $1500 for the a TRUE universal player that would do both HD formats as well as SACDs and DVD-A (though I don't have any of those) just to reduce the number of boxes and connections. Add the ability to be a media player and I can remove my Dlink box as well. Though, I really need a region free DVD player as most movies I rent here are region 3.

As a technology, I think Blu-ray has the edge (more storage, better bandwidth output, etc) but I could live with either format if there was only one format but my preference would be for Blu-ray to be that format. Plus Blu-ray will have the David Gilmoure concert out next month and HD-dvd won't

I have still not adopted as I am trying to decide to upgrade my processor or not which could change if I buy a standalone Blu-ray player (or dual format) or a PS3. Without a new processor, I can not accept HDMI so I would need to use the 5.1 analog inputs so the PS3 will not work.

We have online rental services in Singapore but none of them support either HD format at the moment and the disks run from US$33 - 44 per disk But I can still order from but most movies I don't really want to own.
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