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Default Re: On the way to CEDIA

Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post
There were 8 people in first class.

5 of them were watching movies. 3 on iphones, me on a Mac Book pro and another guy on an iPod.

The other guys were asleep or dreaming of distribution amps they might see on the show floor...
I am not sure I really would want to watch a movie on one, perhaps TV shows are ok to kill the time. I usually fly Singapore Air which as about 60 VOD movies and 40 VOD tv programs on most flights you can choose from but I tend to select things that I didn't really have an interest to watch just to pass the time. If it is a movie that I have been really wanting to watch, I will skip it until I can enjoy at home with a proper setup and not a tiny screen and 2 channel audio.
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