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Thumbs down Re: Expect Two Winners in the HD Disc Format War

I have been on the fence myself for this format war. I have finally decided to get the new Samsung dual format player when it finally comes out. I have read a few pre-reviews that speak highly of this unit.
I can understand the readers who are holding out for a winner. I myself have been burned for being an early adopter in the past and have learned that you can't count on the manufacturers to do the right thing. As an example I was an early adopter of the Laser disc format when VHS was the state of the art. When DVD came out I purchased a combo player from Pioneer that played both DVD and laser disc. It cost aprox. $1,200.00 US when I purchased it in the 90's. That was a hefty price at the time and I thought I was playing it safe by bying from a quality manufacturer. However the unit broke down after aprox. a year and I could not find anyone to fix the unit. All the repair shops declined, stating that it was a hybrid unit that they did not know how to fix. I then went to Pioneer and asked them to service it and they declined. It was just out of warranty so I was out of luck.
Even given this horror story I am tired of waiting for a format winner. The prices have come down a bit and I will jump in again. After all what is video nirvana worth to you. If you are a reader of this forum it is obviously a big part of your life.
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