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Default Re: $1,000 in-ear headphones? Have I lost my mind....

I used the Etimotyic Research for my iPod and when I travel. Just about all of my iPod listening is talking, either HDTV Podcasts, movies reviews or the Adam Carolla show which I listen to and from work on the bus (it is just easier to use public transportation in Singapore). When I travel, I try to fly Singapore Air with is great as they have about 60 movies and 40 TV shows all on VOD. You can pause, rewind, FF or just change to another program and start from the beginning when ever you want. They are the best airline to fly just for the in-flight entertainment system, plus the flight attendants usually look quite nice and have good uniforms.

These were great at blocking out external noise but I didn't find them too comfortable and not so easy to put in and out very often. So I usually only put them in when I knew I would have them on for a while.

Now wire on my Etimotyic's is currently shorted and I have not gotten them fixed. This is due to the many times of wrapping the wire around the iPod while leaving the connector still in.

I tried the Bose in ear headphone but it was crap. It didn't block out any noise plus the rubber ear piece falls off very easily. It came with two sets of these (different sizes) and I lost one the second day and the other about a month later. So I stopped using them

So I am now considering which ones to try next. Any suggestions for a pair that are good at blocking out external noise yet maybe closer to $50-100 then to $1000?
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