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Default Re: PS3's Audio Capabilities - Please Clarify

Originally Posted by tigeraudio2007 View Post
HDMI 1.2 is capable of transmitting SACD multi-channel audio in the form of decoded LPCM.

The PS3 has a sound board capable of Dolby TrueHD (and quite possibly DTS Master HD). However, it is only capable of passing the Dolby TrueHD audio stream. There is not enough bandwidth in Toslink or Digital Coaxial for the TrueHD format. It can only be passed through HDMI 1.3. Thus, you need an HDMI 1.3 receiver which is capable of decoding the new audio formats.

I HIGHLY recommend the Onkyo line of receivers. The 605 model would suit you well. The 805 model gets the biggest thumbs up from me: 3 HDMI 1.3 inputs, 7.1 audio (2 sets of outputs), more than enough a/v inputs, phono preamp, 2 zones, toslink, coaxial, sirius, xm, and so much more.
I thought it was the other way around on the PS3, that it can only decode and transmit Dobly TrueHD as multichannel LPCM and not Bitstream. So any receiver or processor cable of receiving multichannel LPCM would be able to play it even if it is HDMI 1.1. Though for SACD, it would have to be HDMI 1.2 or above.

As this is an old thread, I think Yammy has 1.3 receivers out on the market now but I just want to understand clearly as I was on the understanding the the PS3 could not transmit Dobly TrueHD Bitstream, only LPCM?

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