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Default Re: What is the best Blu-ray player on the market right now?

Does anybody know if any of the other manufacturers have a plan to offer a stand alone unit with SACD ability? I know the PS3 can play SACD but it fails to meet my needs since it does not have 5.1 analog outputs.

So either I go with a PS3 and upgrade my processor to get to where I want to be


I buy a stand alone player for Blu-ray and use my Denon DVD for SACD but then I will be limited with 2 channel SACD due to the Blu-ray taking my 5.1 inputs on my processors.

I have gone back and forth trying to decide where to compromise and bought a PS3 over the weekend but returned it when I realized it was region 3 for DVDs. So I would rather purchase one from the US and have it region 1.

I really was hoping to get down to 1 player but it almost seems impossible to do, even more so now that I don't think there are any region free Blu-ray players for the DVD portion?
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