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I know there is a separate forum Loudspeakers but since I have had so many relevant and good advice on this forum I am tempted to ask this question here. Once again I should remind you all that I am no pro and is only a regular music lover - but I want to buy the "very very good" stuff (if you know what I mean).

I will be buying a "very good" receiver soon and I just wanted some ideas about speakers. My receiver will deliver (when I buy it) at least 85-95W p/c. Can someone please provide me with some pointers about the "very best" speakers? I was thinking Bose at one stage but then folks at Best Buy was trying to convince me with Mirage, etc. Apparently Bose is name only. It's ironic - I have the same last name as in Bose (which is also the same true last name as mine).
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