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Default Re: Expect Two Winners in the HD Disc Format War

You know what though, I understand Tristan and others like him. Though I`m slowly breaking out of it, I understand. Most, do not have the funds to do both. Though, as kennyt said to me earlier, $577.00 is mighty low for two HD players!!
But, I also have DVD - A and SACD titles as well. This whole thing can get anyone a little weary. I mentioned before, look at your rack or entertainment centers - Do we all really need 4 to 5 machines with an eject button. That is a bit much. So, to me this time around its not really about being an early adopter, its about making sense and bringing more people into OUR world.
Because right now, We are the only ones in that world. And like it or not, there are not enough of us to go around to support whats going on right now. Maybe, and I say maybe, when finally all things are HD, channels, broadcasts, broadcasters, when all people are given that nudge to get an HDTV or else, then we might see something.
But go ask your neighbor, colleague at work, work out buddy, what HDMI is, or LCD, or 1.3, most of the time you will not get the right answer. The manufacturers need to make this more plug and play, clearly. Having consumers choose sides, only pushes them away and causes more confusion. Its not just about us in the high end anymore.
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