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Default Re: Nintendo Wii is maybe the best piece of AV Gear ever

Originally Posted by Dirk Diggler View Post
even if you hate video games and dont want to spend alot of money, all you need is the stock system with Wii sports.

You said a mouthfull there!
I know several people that did just that & use it for a party machine, the rest of the time it collects dust.

Funny thing is it's a bigger success than even Nintendo thought it would be, their manufacturing agreements have to be holding them back, it's the only reason I can see for the shortages.
You know if they had the capacity they would have flooded the market with them by now.

Just make sure to use the wrist strap so the Wii-mote doesn't end up buried in your screen!!

Personally I like the PS3, high def games & movies!!
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