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Default Re: Newbie - need info on receivers

I just purchased the Onkyo TX-SR805. I currently haver the Onkyo TX-SR674 and have been extremely pleased with it. I upgraded to the 805 because I need the 3 HDMI inputs (where the 674 has only 2) and the ability for the 805 receiver to decode TrueHD and DTS Master HD audio formats. It also has a phono preamp which could prove useful. If I didn't need the 3 HDMI inputs I would have gone with the 605. I would highly recommend these 2 receivers. I have seen the 605 for about $399 to $599 and the 805 at $999. These receivers are definitely a bang for your buck in terms of the abundance of features that you get. YOu will not be disapoointed.
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