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Originally Posted by jdc115 View Post
Hi, thanks for your help. Three questions at the moment.

1. The new RSP-1069 processor has HDMI 1.1, will it accept multi-channel PCM audio from a PS3 for both Blu-ray disks and SACDs. This would by the PS3 decoding the Blu-ray from Dolby True-HD to 5.1 PCM sent over HDMI.

2. Why not HDMI 1.3? (NAD just released a new processor in the same range with HDMI 1.3)
Answer #1: The 1069 is only HDMI 1.1. HDMI 1.1 supports DVD-Audio, HD DVD formats, and Blu-ray formats via LPCM through HDMI. So, yes it accepts LPCM decoded by the PS3. However, it is not until single-bit bandwidth added in HDMI 1.2 that SACD support becomes available. So, no the 1069 will not support SACD via LPCM HDMI.

Answer #2: Your guess is as good as mine on this one. I would expect at least HDMI 1.2 in new-line preamps. HDMI 1.3 is only necessary if the receiver/processor/preamp has the ability to decode Dolby TrueHD or DTS Master HD, as version 1.3 is necessary to carry the bitstream versions of those formats. The other use for HDMI 1.3 is for DeepColor. However, good luck finding a TV with DeepColor support. And even when you do, it is going to be a while before studios begin to master their films in the bit-depth necessary to see true DeepColor.
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